Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Brand/Visual Identity

Last April when I started my jewelry business on ETSY, I was faced with a challenge that most of my clients had to face — to create a brand identity or a visual identity for a business. This time, however, it was for my OWN business. First, I listed everything I needed to produce such as: business cards, earring cards and price tags in case I ever needed them for home parties or craft shows. After I figured out what the costs were to print separate items, I decided I could save money by designing one card I could use for multiple purposes.

I designed my business card in a way that I can convert it into an earring card by punching two small holes right below my logo. The standard business card size is a perfect size for all of my earrings.

When I need to make price tags, I cut off the top part of my business card, punch a small hole and tie a piece of cotton thread through it. Viola! I have a price tag. I write the price on a label and stick it on the backside of the card. The UV coating on the back of the cards allows me to easily apply or remove the labels.

I then applied the same look and feel to my “Thank You” card and Gift Certificate.

I used to put my jewelry inside an organza bag when I shipped. I switched to gift boxes last fall feeling that the gift box is sturdier and the presentation is nicer. And again, I applied the same look and feel when I designed the labels for the boxes.

I use the small labels to seal each package before I ship. I want my customers to feel that the package they are about to open is very special.

With careful planning, you can create attractive branding at minimal cost. I like to hear what you think.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009