Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Brand/Visual Identity

Last April when I started my jewelry business on ETSY, I was faced with a challenge that most of my clients had to face — to create a brand identity or a visual identity for a business. This time, however, it was for my OWN business. First, I listed everything I needed to produce such as: business cards, earring cards and price tags in case I ever needed them for home parties or craft shows. After I figured out what the costs were to print separate items, I decided I could save money by designing one card I could use for multiple purposes.

I designed my business card in a way that I can convert it into an earring card by punching two small holes right below my logo. The standard business card size is a perfect size for all of my earrings.

When I need to make price tags, I cut off the top part of my business card, punch a small hole and tie a piece of cotton thread through it. Viola! I have a price tag. I write the price on a label and stick it on the backside of the card. The UV coating on the back of the cards allows me to easily apply or remove the labels.

I then applied the same look and feel to my “Thank You” card and Gift Certificate.

I used to put my jewelry inside an organza bag when I shipped. I switched to gift boxes last fall feeling that the gift box is sturdier and the presentation is nicer. And again, I applied the same look and feel when I designed the labels for the boxes.

I use the small labels to seal each package before I ship. I want my customers to feel that the package they are about to open is very special.

With careful planning, you can create attractive branding at minimal cost. I like to hear what you think.


Tea said...

Nice! I really like the finishing touch of the sticker with your logo on the tissue. That's a great idea!

geek details said...

I've been working on the same thing. I started with new packaging for my buttons/magnets that would allow me to say what was inside the package (it's not always easy for people to tell the difference) but it wouldn't change the look of the packaging too much. Then I moved on to my business cards, address labels, stickers etc. It's really helped my business too because people recognize the packaging now and it's all cohesive.

Aquarian Bath said...

That is very smart. My brother did that w/ his biz cards too.

K S Jewellery Designs said...

Great idea - thanks for sharing. I also have made my own earring cards, business cards etc but have ended up with different layouts for each.
Kristin :)
p.s. I found your blog via Flickr

MagicMarkingsArt said...

Jessie ~ wonderful information. Thank you.

laglass said...

Your jewelry is awesome.

check out my etsy shop.


Over The Top Aprons said...

Very nice; I love how everything is coordinate for brand recognition!

Gladys said...

SO after u wrapped up with the white paper. U need to put in a box(provide by the post office) again before u ship your parcel?

jessiemccann said...

Gladys, I usually ship my jewelry in a padded envelope via USPS First Class since they are very small and light weight. Unless it is a big order, I will put them in the USPS Priority Box. Thanks!


Michelle said...

I found your blog via handmade marketing, and I really love your tips. If I may ask, who prints your catalogs and thank you cards? I really need to do that for my jewelry business. Thanks and your pieces are gorgeous!

jessiemccann said...

Michelle, thank you! I have the gift certificates, the thank you cards and the labels digitally printed at Sir Speedy. For the gift certificates and the thank you cards, I have them printed and trimmed 4-up. As for the catalog, I have not done one yet, but when I am ready to have them off-set printed, I will take it to a place called printrunner.com. I use their service for many years and am always happy with work, highly recommended.

jessiemccann said...

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